⏳In the past few days, we have received a great deal of attention from all of you regarding HAIR DONATION INITIATIVE. We are truly grateful for your generosity, and with that, new wigs are being prepared for cancer patients, marking an important milestone in our journey.
Allow us to inform you of a heartwarming story of Ms. L, a 39 years old woman coming from Quang Binh, who is currently undergoing treatment in Hue after enduring 7 rounds of chemotherapy. Noticeably, she is the first patient of our hair project. At that time, the emotions experienced by her and our team were incredibly indescribable during the pivotal moment. Despite initial challenges and delays due to the group’s unfamiliarity with this project, she finally received the gift that we have always wished for – a wig that was not excessively long but adequately covered up the imperfections on her body.
🧑🏻 A dedicated member of the group who has been accompanying Ms. L. since the early stages once said: “At that moment, happiness was not explained by words. When she put on the wig, she asked me if she looked beautiful and then burst into laughter. She praised the wig for its lightweight, ensuring she didn’t feel overheated, and expressed profound confidence going outside while wearing it.” Truly, we are immensely thankful for the concern and contributions from all of you. Your hair is embarking on its second journey of life, enhancing the beauty, motivation, and belief in victory for others.
🙌We are currently sticking to the journey of completing wigs for cancer patients and are always welcome for your support and contributions. Let’s together spread love and hope to those who are fighting against cancer!
✨The detailed instructions for hair donation can be found at the following link: https://bom.so/5Vnokx
✨Please fill in the following information to register for hair donation: https://bom.so/7Ys3Es
The “Send Pink Clouds to Sunshine” Fund is a category, that has been established to raise funds for the process of operating and designing wigs for patients. You can support us by transferring funds to the account of RAISING HOPE with the note:
Account number: 0161001622722
Name: Hồ Xuân Dũng
Bank: Vietcombank Huế
Thắp Lên Hy Vọng sincerely thanks you!
🔖Address: Nhà số 02 kiệt 66 Phan Chu Trinh, thành phố Huế