Clinical Skills Practicing

Raising Hope’s clinical skills group

Clinical skills play an important role in advancing of medical students and medical staffs. The examinations and successful detection of signs and symptoms in patients which require a long term of learning and training are actually interesting artistry. Because of its benefits, Raising Hope established the Clinical Skills Practicing in the last months of 2018 to create an educational environment for all students with different majors.

We hope that in the future, Clinical Skills Practicing team can enhance the educational quality as well as building up a place for medical students practising their skills. Additionally, we would love to receive all the assistance and accommodation from the doctors in order to bring the professional clinical physicians.

Sincerely thank you Dr. Dung Xuan Ho because of significant contribution to the development of this group and all the faculties that helped us in the past period.

Activities images

A student is presenting the orthostatic hypotension

Talking about Murphy’s sign.

Discussing an enlarged liver case study.

A student is talking about identifying the anatomical landmarks of the lung.

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