1. History

Raising Hope Charity Group was established on June 1st, 2015 with the support from doctors, medical students, and sponsors, leading by Mr.Xuan-Dung Ho, MD. Our main activities mainly focus on helping underprivileged cancer patients in the Oncology Department, Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital. Since the early days, we have been creating a strong connection among doctors, students and patients.

In order to run the charity organization officially, Raising Hope Social-Enterprise was found on August 14th, 2018, as an independent organization that associate and work directly with benefactors as well as other charity organizations in Vietnam and worldwide. According to the law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Raising Hope guaranteed to dedicate for community benefit, especially supporting for patients with cancer and medical students. The enterprise has its own stamp and bank account. Though it is a company, commercial activities are not principal works of Raising hope enterprise.


  • Charity works

Raising Hope connects philanthropists, doctors, and students who work voluntarily as our collaborators. We aim to create a fund for supporting poor cancer patients and poor medical students. We also organized activities at the hospital to support mental problems for patients.

  • Education for the young

Raising Hope offers chances for medical students to improve students’ clinical skills,  researching and to expand the connections with the world. We aim to develop the international exchange program for the young.

  • The oncologic development

We organize the tumor board where connections among young physicians in different specialties can discuss and figure out the best solution for each clinical case of cancer. The lectures with a multidisciplinary approach are delivered regularly.

    3.RAISING HOPE private enterprise STRUCTURE

Raising Hope enterprise consists of 3 main units: Raising Hope Charity Group; Medical Students; and Young Oncologists.

  • Raising Hope Charity Group

This is the charity group of Raising Hope. The main activity of the Group is supporting cancer patients, helping them to overcome social and mental problems. Weekly, Raising Hope Charity Group’s members visit and make some small talks, sometimes sing with patients to relieve their sufferings. Besides, we also raise a fund to receive a donation from sponsors, philanthropists to assist underprivileged patients who are in the bad financial situation or introduce to philanthropists poor cases so that they can come to donate directly to the patients. Members can also visit patients at their home to understand them better and to encourage them.

Moreover, this unit has a small team called MiniLib. MiniLib is the place receiving, storing and preserving books, documents,… from graduated students, doctors to pass on to the next-gen students. So, most of the received books are medical ones.

  • Medical Students

This unit includes 3 teams:

– Clinical Practice team, where the medical students learn and exchange clinical skills on specific patients under doctors’ supervision.

– Research team supports learning and researching. Students involved a few projects will be experient and receive knowledge from researchers.

– International Exchange team consults with students the study abroad plan, assists guidance, transport and accommodation for foreign students come to study at Hue University of Medicine & Pharmacy and Hue University Hospital.

  • Young Oncologists

As the name implies, Young Oncologists (YO) is the place where young oncologists, students purposed to work on Oncology, and other specializations study together.

YO organized the tumor board once a week, and we are trying to connect with a standard tumor board abroad. Specific lectures for the young are delivered every Sunday by the multidisciplinary approach.

Besides, YO with Charity Group carries out several noncommercial projects about the public cancer screening, and patients informing programs.

We also aim to translate some updates on cancer treatment so that provincial oncologists, who can’t read English versions. We will write and translate some guidelines for the public and cancer patients. This info will be launched on the website: raisinghopevn.com (we are designing).

  • Others: to maintain our activities, we do some small business such as selling postcards, organizing some english/ french classes,…

The actual activities:

– Multidisciplinary tumor board (for the young) every Tuesday at noon where young oncologists, radiologists, pathologists and related surgeons… residents, students can participate to discuss case by case and we can learn knowledge from the meeting and familiarize to everyone the tumor board. That’s great to have a connection abroad for the young to follow a standard tumor board then when everything is ready, an intercontinental meeting can be done. This aims to build an official tumor board for the future.

– Self-education: presentations from different specialties about each topic. Ex: lung cancer: medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists.. can present about their role in lung cancer approach. This aims to educate the onco residents, students, other specialty residents… We need your advice on the curriculum for educating young onco –residents. If we can organize some online-interactive courses, that will be great.

As we grow up, we expand more activities to meet the objectives that we mentioned above

About us

Raising Hope Charity Organisation

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  Address: 2 alley 66 Phan Chu Trinh, Hue city.

  Email: raisinghopevn@gmail.com