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This is the charity group of Raising Hope. The main activity of the Group is supporting cancer patients, helping them to overcome social and mental problems. Weekly, Raising Hope Charity Group’s members visit and make some small talks, sometimes sing with patients to relieve their sufferings. Besides, we also raise a fund to receive a donation from sponsors, philanthropists to assist underprivileged patients who are in the bad financial situation or introduce to philanthropists poor cases so that they can come to donate directly to the patients. Members can also visit patients at their home to understand them better and to encourage them.

Moreover, this unit has a small team called MiniLib. MiniLib is the place receiving, storing and preserving books, documents,… from graduated students, doctors to pass on to the next-gen students. So, most of the received books are medical ones.

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  Address: 2 alley 66 Phan Chu Trinh, Hue city.