October 20th, Vietnamese Women’s Day, is a special celebration. It’s a day for us to come together and focus on the women, to honor and celebrate the wonderful women who make the world a brighter place. They are the loving mothers, devoted wives, steadfast companions, and outstanding colleagues. Women are like warm and fresh energy, brightening every aspect of our lives, from family to society.
On the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day, October 20, Raising Hope sends the warmest wishes to all the women on this S-shaped land, including grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and all women. May all things gentle come to everyone. Be confident, shine on your own path, because every woman is a gift and the most beautiful flower!
🌻 This evening, Raising Hope has prepared sunflowers – the flowers that always turn towards the sunlight – to give to female doctors, nurses, caregivers, and female patients in the Oncology Ward. We hope that these wishes and small gifts will become words of encouragement and provide more strength to the female patients in the Oncology Ward – University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital, Hue University. 🌻