What an unforgettable summer for Raising Hope with many abroad trips and wonderful experiences!

First, it is our pleasure to attend the internship at Limoges University, France. This was a golden opportunity for 6 members to widen their knowledge and to gain more experience about medical system and culture in France as well as to create the connection between Raising Hope and other international organizations and donors. Besides, Raising Hope’s members also had a chance to visit the Cancer Institute in Amsterdam, Netherlands and learn about doing research in a scientific way, opened their vision for a more thorough orientation of their future career.

Next, our lovely girl – Nguyen Ngoc Anh Thu had an interesting trip with YMCA Fairthorne Manor Summer Camp in UK lasting for 2 months. This is the second year that Raising Hope’s members take part in this event. In addition to enhancing English speaking skill, this event also helps to provide essential life skills and moreover, it is a good chance to learn new cultures from other foreign friends.

The last one is the Inter-Medical School Physiology Quiz 2019 that took place in Indonesia this August. Le Nha Duyen had been selected as one of Hue Medicine and Pharmacy University’s representatives to attend the competition. As a 2nd-year medical student, it can not be better for her to compete with many medical students around Asia area and to get the best out of each other.

Along with supporting cancer patients, Raising Hope always pays attention on medical students with the aim of bringing more opportunities for them to perform as well as gain more knowledge and soft skills for themselves which will be a good preparation for them in the future.

Many thanks to our teachers at HUMP, our friends and international organizations that support Raising Hope during this perfect summer!