🌸 Recently, in the joyful atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn festival, Raising Hope with the support from teachers and benefactors, successfully brought the program “Thu Yeu Thuong 2” to the children in poor circumstances in Phu Hau ward, Hue City. With a total organizational budget of 9,836,430 VND and 90 gifts given away, the group’s greatest happiness on this Mid-Autumn Festival night was the children’s bright smiles and sparkling eyes of happiness.

🌸 Raising Hope would like to sincerely thank the golden hearts of the teachers and benefactors who supported the group to bring the children a meaningful and warm Mid-Autumn Festival night. Your love and concern for children in poor circumstances encourage them to have more faith and hope in life.

🌸 Raising Hope’s journey of unity and spreading love still has many miles to go. We hope that teachers and benefactors will continue to pay a lot of attention and trust to accompany the above us on this journey and we can better fulfill our mission in the future. Once again, Raising Hope would like to sincerely thank you.

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