When the full moon of August shines brightly in the sky, and the moonlight glows, we know that the Mid-Autumn Festival has arrived. It’s a day of family reunion, eagerly awaited by children.
With the return of the program “Thu Yeu Thuong”, Raising Hope had the cherished opportunity to bring a meaningful and complete festival day to the young children in Phu Hau Ward, Hue City. On the afternoon of September 24th, with the presence of The Man in the Moon, The Moon Lady, and various enjoyable and cultural activities, the program “Thu Yeu Thuong 2” has achieved a great success. 90 gifts, including delicious mooncakes and colorful star-shaped lanterns, were handed out to receive the smiles of the children. Those innocent and bright smiles were a worthy response to the preparation efforts of Raising Hope’s team members and collaborators. We hope for the children to perpetuate the creation of cherished childhood memories.
❣️To achieve this success, Raising Hope would like to express gratitude for the attention, support, and companionship of respected teachers, generous benefactors, and program participants. We sincerely thank the People’s Committee and the Youth Union of Phu Hau Ward for their cooperation and support, creating conditions for our team in the program “Thu Yeu Thuong 2”. We also thank the Blouse Xanh Club – Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy for their lively lion dance performance.
❣️The journey of unity and spreading love by Raising Hope still has many miles to go. The close companionship of respected teachers, and generous benefactors has become a source of motivation that helps our team fulfill its mission – Bridge of Love and Connection.
Raising Hope invites everyone to revisit the heartwarming moments of the program “Thu Yeu Thuong 2”.
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