Last month, Raising Hope came to know the circumstance of Mr. Tran Thien T.
Mr.T. is 62 years old. He has been diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis for more than 30 years, which prevented him from working. Mr.T. has no wife and children; and now lives with three siblings under the same roof. All of his siblings have mental illness. In addition, his youngest brother is undergoing regular hemodialysis at Hue Central Hospital. Before Raising Hope knew about Mr.T. ‘s circumstance, there were some philanthropists who supported his family’s living and medical expenses partially.

In our rendezvous, Mr.T. could not hide his worries about health conditions and the unpredictable future of his three brothers/sisters. Thanks to the warm support from “Mrs. Chau Foundation”, 4 million VND have been donated to Mr.T. On this occasion, Raising Hope wants to become a connection between Mr.T’s family and philanthropists.

You can contact directly with Raising Hope to get more information or donate to him via our group account under the name of MD. Ho Xuan Dung:

Bank account number: 0161001622722 (Vietcombank Hue)
Bank account name: Ho Xuan Dung
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