🌻 Last Sunday afternoon ( May 8th, 2022), Raising Hope paid a visit to Mr. Tran Thien T.’s family in order to send them donations from the philanthropists as well as some new pieces of clothing.
🌻 As soon as arriving at the door, we were warmly welcomed by Mr.T. Neither the burden of family life nor more than 30 years suffering from the ankylosing spondylitis didn’t stop him from losing hope in life. He told us about his daily life and the kindness of his neighbors who always help him whenever he needs. Seeing his sister, who suffered from mental health issues, excitedly put on new clothes really made our hearts smile. When we offer to take a family photo for them as a gift, everyone enjoyed and smiled brightly at the camera. Hopefully, our small support can give Mr. T as well as his family some more strength to struggle against the difficulty in life.
🌻 Thank you sincerely to our beloved teachers and philanthropists who have supported and believed in us so that we can continue approaching more and more difficult circumstances.
Raising Hope.💖