Gastrointestinal tract is the most common extranodal site involved by lymphoma with the majority of being non-hodgkin lymphoma – NHL and it is the third common NHL subtype, flollows Diffuse large B-cell, Follicullar. The most frequent sites in order of its occurrence are the stomach followed by small intestine and ileocecal region. MALT type is associated or preceded by infection or inflammatory condition of the extranodal organ involved, ex: H.pylori in stomach MALT. Currently, there is no specific immunohistological marker to identify MALT lymphoma. So, The diagnosis of Gastric MALT lymphoma based on vary factors, such as: History and Physical, Gastroscopy, Histology, Immunohistological features and molecular pathology.
On 5/4/2019, Young Oncologists (YO) group had a Multidisciplinary Tumor Boards about one case, which was diagnosed: ‘Gastric MALT lymphoma, stage II.2 (LUGANO’S CALLSIFICATION), HP (-)’.

1. Histology, H&E stain, lymphoepithelial lesion
2. Staging Systems for Gastrointestinal Lymphoma