Mai L. is a 19-year-old ethnic minority girl living in A Luoi district, Thua Thien Hue. She is diagnosed with bone cancer in 2018 and has gone through many cycles of chemotherapy. Life has been more and more difficult for her as well as her family since then. “It was a rainy day on November 30, 2019, that we took a visit to Mai L.’s house. It took us hours to walk across the forest. The road was narrow and slippery because of the long-lasting rains. After many efforts, we reached Mai L.’s house. The house was so small and cranky that we couldn’t help feeling pity for her situation.” Let’s take a look at the video below so that you can have a general view of her difficult situation. The video is available on our Youtube channel with subtitles in both English and Vietnamese… Therefore, we would like to appeal donation for Mai L. so that she could have more chances to keep on the treatment and have more time to enjoy the beautiful life with her parents and sister. You can donate us via Raising Hope account: Account name: Raising Hope Private Enterprise Account number: 0161001725246 Swift code of Raising Hope: BFTVVNVX016