1. Bone Metastasis

Bone is a frequent site of metastases, with lung and liver. Bone metastasis is actually much more common than primary bone cancers, especially in adults. The frequency of bone metastases varies by cancer type and duration of advanced disease. Some types of cancer often metastase bone like breast cancer, protate cancer. To understand mechanism, diagonsis and treatment of bone metastasis, Young Oncologists (YO) Group discussed about it.


2. Evaluation of therapeutics in oncology

Today, we have many therapies in cancer treatment, as surgery, chemotherapy, radiatherapy , target therapy and immunotherapy. Trend of cancer treatment, which combine different therapies to have best result. But, how to discuss about result of treatment, it has different scales of measurement for treatment effect, like clinical effect, morphological and metabolic effect, microscopic and molecular effects and effects. Today, Young Oncologists (YO) Group will focus about morphological and metabolic effect (RECIST,mRECIST).