Aunt Lý, 60 years old, living alone in a small house on Nguyen Hue Street and selling eggs for a living. Life was too tough for her, but now she has been suffering from malignant breast cancer for a year.

“During the time in the hospital, doctors and nurses here are all so nice to me and now I can walk freely myself. Thanks for your frequently visits, I really enjoy talking and sharing with all of you. However, there is nothing better than our own home, the food tastes better and if I feel good, I d’like to take a walk around, go to the church, etc, so do you think my health are getting better hah?” – Aunt Ly said.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, not only she receives the encouragment and help from Raising Hope’s members, but she receives paper flowers made by her brother as well.

Rasing Hope’s members truly thank teachers and philanthropists who always support us. Wishing you all happiness and health