A journey to a small city – Hue, Vietnam

Two year ago, Chị – a daughter of Hue, who has joined Toastmasters for three years, has desired to bring Toastmaster and its value to her home – Hue City.

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Finally, after a one-year trial with Medical students, Hue Toastmasters Club was officially established in November, 2017 thanks to her support and leading.

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“We are so glad to have a very special guest: “Chị Hoa”, a sponsor of Hue Toastmasters Club, decided to book a flight from America to join our meeting. What a big surprise!! We finally met her in person. Her smooth voice and those generous comments help us to grow up day by day and become much better. Also, her support and her faith in our club motivate us to open the first chapter of Hue Toastmasters Club officially after a-year warming up.” said a Toastmaster member

Who are we?

We are students from Hue Universities in terms of Medicine, Foreign Languages and Science. We have the same goal which is to get better in Leadership skills and Communication skills. Hue Toastmasters club is a supportive environment for us to gain the goal.

How we grow up?

At the beginning, we had some obstacles about location and finance. However, sixteen young members with ethusiasm and energy together made the first steps and were eager to continuously step forward.

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We have had more special friends from all walks of life.

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Our first Self-training Meeting – another format of a meeting created to improve our members in club by sharing and discussing

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Chị Lien and Anh Ky saved their precious time in Hue to join our meeting. They brought new flow of energy and motivation.

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After more than a year of establishment, we held a Workshop about Public Speaking with the great support from Danang Toastmasters.

And ending the year 2018 of Hue Toastmasters

What’s the plan next?

We have a desire to spread out the value of Toastmasters to all people from all walks of life (not just students, especially medical students). The reason is that this is the most credible organization which brings useful and practical knowledge about Leadership and Communication skills.

Next time, our location will be at No.2 alley 66 Phan Chau Tring str. Hue city thanks to the support of Rasing Hope unit.