The Mid-Autumn Festival – a beloved festival has become an unforgettable memory from childhood for many generations. In our role as a bridge of love and compassion, Raising Hope Organisation aspires to implement “Thu Yeu Thuong” in order to provide the children of Phu Hau Ward in Hue City with a heartwarming, joyous, and complete Mid-Autumn Festival experience. To ensure the success of this program, we earnestly hope to receive support and partnership from benefactors. Your golden hearts will serve as a significant wellspring of motivation for us in the execution of this program, and for our future generations to perpetuate the creation of cherished childhood memories.💖
🔖Any contributions can be sent to the bank account of Raising Hope Organisation under the name of MD. Ho Xuan Dung:
        Vietcombank – Account number: 0161001622722
        Account name: HO XUAN DUNG
        Message: “ NAME + Support for the Thu yeu thuong Program”