Mini Library: Small size – Big value

“We store variety of precious books that can easily attract any book lovers especially ones enthusing about medical documents. Come and join us to immerse yourself in literary and knowledge space!”

Tốt nghiệp RH

Raising Hope in France, summer 2019 – A wonderful experience!

Medical Students – Future Doctors

“To bring smiles to my patients, I will pursuit my dream to the end. I will make every effort to make that dream come true.”

For cancer patients

“A word of advice, don’t be too concerned about petty and insignificant things in life. Eventually, we all turn back to dust. So why not try to do things that make you feel worthwhile, meaningful and set aside little unwanted ones… There are plenty of times when we complain about our upsets, which is exactly what I had been doing for the past few months, be grateful and overcome them instead. Some may be frustrating but keep holding on, don’t let them be in your way and negatively affect other people.”

A cancer patient

Graduation Bears – Perfect Ideas for Graduation Gifts

Our purpose
Multidisciplinary oncology

Organizing “tumor board” to connect young health care workers discussing the best solution for individual patient.

Social activities

Bringing happiness to cancer patients.

Medical students

Assisting underprivileged but active and studious students.


Publishing updated & verified information about cancer. A forum for sharing knowledge between patients themself, and doctors.

About us

Raising Hope Charity Organisation

Contact Info

  Address: 2 alley 66 Phan Chu Trinh, Hue city.